AIRWAVE speak radio users online courseRadio Communications Online Course

Learning the correct protocol for professional radio users.

Ideal for Medics, Security, Event organisors and those who need to use standard airways speak.

Over 20 top radio communication keywords, their meanings and full examples of how they should be used.

  • Acknowledge (So Far)


  • Backup


  • Call You Back


  • Code Zero


  • Go Ahead


  • Negative


The top radio protocols, the correct usage and examples of use.

  • Standard call up


  • Standard response


  • Delaying or insisting on a response


  • Terminating a call


  • Indicating receipt of a message


  • Requesting a Readback; Reading back


  • Confirming or correcting message content


  • Requesting a Repeat; Repeating information


  • Seeking acknowledgement


  • Seeking and providing clarification


  • Alphabetical and general numerical information


  • Units of measurement


  • Clock times and dates


  • Flagging items of information and the purpose of a message


  • Affirming; Negating


  • Seeking emergency assistance


Throughout the course you will learn, the essential keywords that are to be used in the correct format given without flexibility, and where there is flexibility make the communication more natural.

Keywords and protocols that are not normally required for routine communication are explained with examples to the learner can see how thay can adjust them to fit their needs yet main the correct protocol.

This course is intended for radio users who need to learn rapid, clear, concise, and accurate communication including use in major incidents, urgent situations and emergencies. As well as courtesy and politeness, polite words to avoid and protocol in responding to politeness.

The course covers calling control, one individual, more than one individual and calling a group of users.

Responding when you are unable to talk
Soliciting a response to an urgent request.
Responding to an urgent call

This is probably the most comprehensive online course available.

There is no time limit, learn at your own pace, study in your own time, from wherever you can.

There is a self assessment so you can read and answer the questions at your pace.

A certificate of understanding is supplied in PDF format via email upon completion.

Course available from July 31st  2018

The cost of the course is £19.99, payable securely via PayPal.

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