Grooming Salon First Aid Courses

We are planning a Dog Groomers First Aid Course in partnership with an Award Winning City and Guilds Qualified Grooming Salon.

A grooming salon is not only a potentially very dangerous place but clients need to know that their chosen groomer is competent in dealing with an emergency as a result of an accident.

No matter how experiences a groomer is, be assure a there can be an accident waiting to happen.

Any kind of accident or injury in a grooming salon is, without doubt, extremely distressing to the pet and the groomer. A serious accident can potentially ruin a grooming business, not to mention causing harm or death to a beloved pet.

Our Grooming Salon First Aid Course isn’t just about treating wounds and injuries, it is also about learning the all important precautions that can make all the difference between a safe pet and a seriously injured or dead pet.

Let’s not dismiss this as being over-dramatic, the truth is, accidents happen every working day, may be not you salon yet, but might. tomorrow.

A simple act such as a dog jumping or falling from the table can result in broken bones, cuts and bleeding, even unconsciousness.

Even if the pet is slightly hurt but very frightened, potentially this could put the dog and owner off from coming back to your salon ever again and start rumours about ‘duy of care’ …or lack of it.

What if the dog hangs itself? – probably the worst scenario imaginable but it really can happen – and a groomer needs to learn how to avoid this situation.

Electrocution – The risk is probably far easier than you might think. Grooming salons work with electricity and water in close proximity – An electric cable near a dog’s face while the groomer is working at the rear might not see them bite the wire until it is too late. The dog and the groomer could be electrocuted.

Dogs may urinate when they suffer a shock,  any fluid is a conductor of electricity and could make matter worse, the groomer could slip in the pee and make contact with the dog.

Learn what you should you do in the event of electrocution of a dog.

Dogs fight …it is a fact of life and as much as you might try and avoid dog-to-dog contact in the grooming salon, one day there may be a fight. It might even be the very dog that appears really good natured!  Just like humans, dogs have individual traits and foibles, they may take a dislike to a certain breed, or a even colour of dog, simply because of an incident that happened to them previously.

No groomer wants to send a client’s dog home with an injury inflicted by somebody else’s dog.

Groomers use dangerous implements, they are the tools of the trade,  Clippers and scissors by their very nature will cut skin and tissue as well as cause heavy bleeding.

We provide bespoke first aid courses for grooming salons.