event medic training courseThe Event First Aider Training Course is aimed at those who have the responsibility of being a first aider at a low to medium risk indoor or outdoor event,

The minimum requirement for participants is FAW with at least 6 months before expiration.

The role of the event medic:

  • Contents of the medic’s response bag.
  • PPE
  • Recording of incidents and accidents,
  • Assessing the situation in an emergency,
  • Primary survey
  • Secondary Survey
  • Contacting and dealing with the emergency services on site, including patient handover.
  • Administering first aid to a casualty who; is unconscious (including seizures), not breathing, requires CPR,
  • Dealing with a patient who is choking,

    choking first aid training
    We use professional choking training vests to simulate the actions of a first aider on a choking patient
  • Treating a patient who is wounded or bleeding,
  • Treating a patient who is in shock,
  • Dealing with a patient who has minor conditions includng minor cuts, small splinters. grazes and bruises, minor
  • Treating burns and scalds, .

Administering first aid to a patient with;

  • Injury to bones, joints, muscles and suspected spinal injury,
  • Eye injuries,
  • Anaphylactic shock and administering auto-injectors (Epipen)*,

Recognising major illness and provide appropriate first aid including

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Epilepsy
  • Asthma & diabetes

Radio communications protocol and ettiquette.

Why choose us?

Not only are we fully experienced and approved instructors of first aid, we are event medics – see www.eventfirstaiders.com/ we are actively involved in providing top quality event medical care services.

We cover events and assist in covering events from calm and tranquil craft fairs to high octane world class rugby and indeed motor sports.

The old saying comes to mind .

.”those that can do – do. Those that can’t do – teach”

We do it, and we teach it!

The cost per person is £99.00 We can create a bespoke event medic training course to suit your needs. We offer discounts for numbers.

In the first instance, please call Peter on 01727 825 999 or email mail@1stAiders.co.uk with any enquiries.