First Aid Lessons for Families

Family first aid courses From a new born baby to grandparents and great-grandparents with all the family in between, we have a group first aid course that focuses on delivering emergency first to any member of your family with confidence,

Fast effective treatment prior to the arrival of ambulance, trip to A&E or even minor injuries that can be dealt with at home – we’ll even cover the process of deciding what action to take.

We deliver the family first aid course in your own home and to all the family you choose, from junior to senior and we bring medical manikins to practise such things as CPR and choking.

The course is three hours and covers :

Infection control
First Aid Equipment
When to call 999
Assessing an emergency
Primary survey
Secondary survey
CPR infant
CPR child
CPR Adult
Unconsciousness and not breathing
Unconsciousness but breathing
Recovery position
Wounds and bleeding
Bone, Muscle and joint injuries
Burns and scolds
Bites and stings
Febrile convulsions

We are happy to add additional time to build in topics of particular needs to you.