The online course for first responders.

online first responder courseFor those seeking to embark upon a First Responder classroom course such as FREC or First Person on Scene (FPOS), they may find our distance learning First on Scene course extremely useful.

This online first on scene course is designed to increase knowledge about the role of a First Responder when first on scene and delivering not just Emergency First Aid but taking control and managing the scene.

Whilst this is not the Accredited First Person on Scene course and doesn’t pretend to be, It does include valuable information for the distance learner to gain prior understanding about medical emergencies and delivering appropriate first aid treatment.

This online/distance learning First On Scene Course is suitable for anybody wishing to gain an increased awareness of emergency first aid, even prior to embarking upon the accredited FPOS intermediate course.

It is also ideal for those wishing to become an event medic, first responder or join a Community First Responder Group, and would like to gain prior knowledge of the roll an indeed the exam/test for CFRs. It is however important to know that CFR groups skillset and protocols vary from Trust to Trust throughout the UK but this course covers over and above what is expected from a basic CFR level.

The added benefit is that it is produced by a CFR who is also an associate member of the College of Paramedics and Level 3 member Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care at the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh.


Pre-Hospital Environment Care
Understand the role and responsibilities of the first person who arrives on scene.
Scene safety
Minimising the risk of infection
Dynamic risk assessment of an incident scene
Patient Primary Survey Assessment Scene Management (safety & triage)

Assess patient’s levels of consciousness

Communicating with Patients

Gaining consent from a patient before providing emergency care

Safe moving and handling of a patient

Respiratory and Airway Management Assessing respiratory problems

Common breathing difficulties

Airway management

Use of suction equipment

Safe removal of crash helmets

Use of OPA (Oro-pharyngeal airways)

Administering 02

Solo use of BVM (Bag/valve/mask)

Recognising an obstructed airway

Basic Life Support Perform basic life support

Recovery position

Performing paediatric basic life support

Defibrillation Use of (AED Automated external defibrillator)

Normal heart rhythms

Abnormal heart rhythms

Bleeding and Shock
Recognise and manage a patient with a catastrophic bleed

Recognise the different types of bleeding

Applying direct pressure

Applying indirect pressure

Applying a tourniquet

Medical Emergencies Cardiac arrest / Heart attack / angina




Unconscious patient

Asthma / allergic reaction / anaphylaxis

Assisting the Paramedic

Trauma Related Emergencies


Recognition and care of injuries to bones, joints, tendons & ligaments
Recognition and care of burns & scalds
Skeletal imobilisation
AVPU Reassess a patients levels of consciousness using AVPU:

This is not an instant download course with an automated certificate

The fee for the course is £25.00 . Within 24 hours of a working week you will receive a comprehensive manual and workbook..

There is no time limit, study in your own time to gain the maximum benefit from the information given and then when you are ready to sit the exam paper, simply request it and return it for marking and successful students will receive a PDF verson of their certificate within 7 days. Don’t worry about failure, we allow three attempts but most people get a pass the first time.

The real value of the course is that you will have studied the responsibilities of a first responderon on scene and gained comprehensive insights, knowledge and confidence to embark upon FPOS I in a classroom environment.