First aid courses in Herts.

Whatever your first aid course requirements, we can provide the perfect lesson plans to suit your needs.

hertfordshire first aid coursesWhat sets us apart from the rest is that we don’t necessarily stick rigidly with preset old and even outdated first aid courses, we go far better in that we endeavour to understand your needs, topics that are specific to you and then, at surprisingly low cost, we will design the right first aid course for you.

Being mindful that we create a course to suit your needs, here is a list of our most popular first aid courses:

First Aid in the Workplace (bespoke). These courses are designed to suit your business and environment but can be cheaper than the ‘off the shelf’ versions.

Baby and Toddler – a first aid course aimed at parents and carers.

Family First Aid –  this first aid course is a three hour session covering emergency first aid for the whole family.

Drama School First Aid – as the name implies a first aid course aimed specifically at theatrical, stage and drama school teachers.

Safe Distancing First Aid Courses

Safe distancing first aid courses
Safe Distancing First Aid Courses

We do not want to get ill, nor do we want you to get ill, so we assess the risk and protect ourselves and protect you appropriately.

We keep a safe distance.

We ensure our training aids are sterile

We use appropriate PPE

We do not accept more than five delegates at any one time.