First aid courses Royston
Its all about knowing what to do in an emergency

Baby and Toddler First Aid Course

Doing something is better than nothing
Learn what to do and perhaps save a life

This is not your average baby first aid course


This baby and toddler first aid training course is perfect for parents and parents-to-be, as well as grandparents, foster parents and even siblings.

It is also geared towards babysitters and carers of young children and babies.

The course is suitable for people 16 years and older because it designed to teach a wide range of first aid skills enabling the learner to cope confidently in emergency situations for babies and children from 0-puberty.

Because our baby and child first aid course is aimed at families and carers we deliver the course to suit the learners, this means the length of the course and the content is just right.

No chalk and talk …no powerpoint presentations!!


The main focus within our two hour first aid course would cover the basics such as;

    • Choking
    • Bleeding
    • Burns and Scalds
    • High Temperatures
    • Loss of consciousness
    • CPR
    • Dealing with an emergency

However, because the course is fun, friendly and flexible, we deal with issues and questions that arise at that time. Below is a full list of first aid topics that we are likely cover and you may wish to ask about such topics as meningitis and croup.

  • managing a first aid incident
  • accident prevention
  • basic life support for babies and children
  • management of an unconscious baby or child
  • wounds and bleeds including nose bleeds
  • choking and asphyxia
  • Poisoning
  • allergies and stings
  • anaphylaxis
  • head injuries
  • shock
  • asthma
  • seizures
  • fractures
  • meningitis


paediatric first aid coursesWe use medical manikins to practice skills in CPR and choking, understanding the mechanism od delivering good quality and efficient rescue breaths and effective chest compressions is without doubt the most important skill anyone can learn.

This is your opportunity to learn baby and toddler first aid, the cost is only £25 per person and £40 for two people together.

Qualified dog first aider

Do we get a Baby/Toddler First Aid Certificate?

Although this is not a formal NVQ or regulated Paediatric First Aid Course, we are happy to provide a certificate if required that says you attended the course.

Certificates are sent as a PDF document via email so they can be save, printed and shared.