Paediatric First Aid Courses OFSTED

1stAiders deliver a paediatric first aid course with a qualification that covers the essential practical skills needed to save the life of a child or infant during an emergency.

Our 6-hour paediatric first aid course is suitable for Au Pairs, babysitters, carers, Nannies, parents and family who mainly need to acquire the essential practical elements of paediatric first aid.

The paediatric first aid training course is in line with the latest guidance from the Department of Education, Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and meets the requirements of Ofsted for the Voluntary register.

Be mindful that it is a legal requirement for at least one person with a valid, in-date twelve-hour paediatric first aid certificate to be available all the time at all professional childcare establishments.

The legal requirement is strict and includes cover for sickness and annual leave, there is no valid excuse for not having a qualified paediatric first aider on scene at all time, this includes accompaning children on trips, events or excursions.

1stAiders also deliver the 12-hour Full Paediatric First Aid course in an easier, more convenient blended learning method. This comprises a typical 6 hours online pre-learning course, followed by a practical 6 hour course.

If you wish to register as a nanny or child carer/minder on the OFSTED voluntary childcare register, you need the 6-hour paediatric first aid Ofsted course.

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