Safe Distance First Aid Courses

Safe distancing first aid courses
Safe Distancing First Aid Courses

Safe Distance First Aid Courses

First Aid courses during Covid19, same quality training but with safen distancing, keeping everyone safe is important to 1st Aiders, so we have adapted out first aid courses so that we can still deliver top quality first aid courses with a few safety measures to protect everyone,

1stAiders is still delivering essential first aid training for everyone including, first aid at work, cat and dog first aid, yoga instructors first aid etc, we are adhering to Covid19 social distancing measures with enhanced infection control measures. 

We are all in this together and your safety as well as ours is crucial.

Please be mindful when you are booking a course that there are no exemptions when it comes to social distancing, everyone will need to adhere to the rules.

We come to you, and if you are booking a group first aid course, we need the largest room available, think two metres at least between each person including the first aid instructor. Then we need space for equipment and first aid manikins.

We will deliver our first aid courses with extremely strict hygiene and infection control methods to minimise any infection risk.

We will provide wipes and/or hand sanitiser and constantly encourage all delegates to clean their hands, not just on arrival but after handling equipment and regularly throughout the course.

We ask everyone to bring a personal face shield and ensure these are worn during practical tasks. Where a person is exempt from wearing a mask, we will make adjustments to ensure everyone is safe.

We formerly request that all attendees respect, support and cooperate in maintaining everyone’s health and safety throughout the first aid course.

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