Splinting Fractures and DislocationsSplinting, Fractures & Dislocations

Hands on, Fun, Friendly and Informal Workshop

No powerpoint presentiations, No chalk and Talk – we all get stuck in

The best environment to learn

We’ll have an array of first aid splints such as traction, hard, soft and flexible splints

Three full hours of proper touchy feely get stuck in learning.

The reality is that most first aiders have touched upon splinting in a course covering a vast amount of topics and each get subject is diluted, often forgotten.

The problem is, when the moment arrives and you are in front of a casualty with an open fracture, catastrophicopen fracture splinting course bleed and going into shock – do you really, truthfully know what to do?

Can you put together a traction splint?

Would you use a tourniquet?

Do you know how to immobilise a patient?


 This is a unique opportunity to look at different splints, have some fun trying out different techniques – making decisions without harming people.

What splints are available that a first aider can easily carry? Are these bendy splints any good?

Will you do more damage by splinting? Will a touniquet cause problems?

We do not cover vacuum splints

Treatment of shoulder dislocation: is a sling more appropriate?


Course duration – Three hours

Course location – St.Albans Hertfordshire

Sunday 8th May at 2.pmmajor bleed first aid course

Colney Heath VillageHall
83 High Street
Colney Heath
AL4 0NS.

A few minutes from J22 M25



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