online sports first aid courseThis is an online Sports Injury First Aid Course, Official CPD Accredited with CPD points.

It covers the many and varied types of injuries associated with sports activity;  trauma, common complications including signs & symptoms and treatments.

sports first aid servicesMain topics are:
Assessing neurological function in the radial, ulnar, tibial, and peroneal nerves.
Blood loss associated with fractures
Common dislocations and management
Diagnosis of fractures
Identify various types of fractures.
Spinal fractures.
Skull fractures.
Open fractures.
Common types of infection associated with fractures.
Different types of bones and injuries.
Difference between ligaments and tendons.
Degrees of sprains and treatments.
Degrees of strains and treatments.
Fat embolism syndrome (FES) symptoms and treatment
Signs, symptoms and treatment of bursitis.
Types of alignment.
Types of compartment syndrome.
Signs and symptoms of pulmonary emboli.


The online sports first aid course takes you through from the basic slips, trips, strains and sprains, right through to trauma, the sports injury first aidnasty fractures and catastrophic bleeds.

We focus on the most common types of disclocations such as thumb, elbow, shoulder, and hip as well as dislocated patella – whilst we don’t advocate any form of remedial manipulation we do look at the first aspect.

Because it is a distance learning course, you can study in your own time, wherever you are. for as long as you like.

There is no time limit or restriction.

The course is aimed at those wishing to become a sports first aider, event medics, teachers and first responders.

A certificate is awarded after completing and self-assessed questions sheet, it is sent as a PDF showing the full official CPD accreditation.

The course is £29.99

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