It is crucially important to ensure at least one competent First Aider is on site during your sessions and we, as accredited trainers provide bespoke first aid lessons especially for groups, clubs and school staff. – Schools could be drama schools, arts and crafts etc.


This isn’t just about dealing with a bump or scrape, plaster and sympathy, it is about your duty of care to students and their parents. First aid knowledge is good and even possessing a First Aid at Work qualification is better than nothing but may not be as suitable for your organisation.

With this in mind we create a bespoke first aid course to suit you, aimed at leaders,  teachers and staff for children and young adults.

The big difference with a first aider at work and a first aider at a group or club is the site and back-up facilities, a workplace has PRE-school first aid coursesmany luxuries with contingency plans, no excitable children – the opposite to remote groups and clubs with little or no on-site help.


Our group and club first aid courses focus on managing an emergency, isolating the patient, prevent further injury, assessing the situation and undertaking emergency first aid.


We ensure our own first aid students feel confident and empowered to deal with an emergency, make decisions on the next course of action …. do you need and ambulance?, should you rush to A&E?, when to call parents and carers.


We’ll even help you to keep the costs down by firstly coming to you and offering you the opportunity to invite neighbouring groups send some of their staff, not only does it reduce the cost to each person but in some cases you may even get a free course.


There is no exam at the end because we assess each and every attendee on a continual basis to pick up early signs where additional focus is required to improve learning, a ‘pass’ is not based on attendance and competence is a priority, only then will certificates be issued as a PDF and they will last for three years,


Call us to discuss numbers, special requirements and availability – we’ll provide a a quote that is certain to please.

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We frequently work in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, North London, Leicester, Northampton, Nottingham, Warwickshire, West Midlands etc.