First Aid in a Terror Attack

Terror attack first aid

Treating a Traumatic Injury, Stop the bleeding.

Fast and Effective Action Saves Lives.


This isn’t about heroism

According to the UK Government; “The threat to the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) from international terrorism is severe.”

We can all be ostriches and bury our head in the sand. We can all be in denial and live on the basis that a terrorist attack will happen to someone else, somewhere else, but not to us or ours.

A busy pub, for no other reason than it was an easy target, a shopping centre or night club because people can be trapped within, a sporting event, concert or festival – why? because they are easy and impossible to totally protect.

We might not be able to stop a terrorist attack on our own doorstep but we can assist casualties and render first aid to those who need urgent life-saving treatment. They may be friends, family colleagues or indeed total strangers but if they are bleeding to death, and you know how to stop a catastrophic bleed, you could save their life.

It is likely to take a considerable amount of time before it is deemed safe for paramedics to arrive at the heart of the scene. Although they are dispatched extremely quickly, they will be ordered to stay outside until the decision is made to allow them to enter the premises and treat the wounded.

The truth is, when anybody is suffering from major blood loss, in a few short minutes, they may bleed to death, if the ambulance crew are not allowed in until the ‘all clear’ is declared, it will be too late for some casualties

This is because they too may become terror targets and if the medics are killed – there will be nobody to treat the wounded.

 A person can easily bleed to death before medics arrive – Dochain saw first aid course you know how to stop catastrophic bleeding?

Make no mistake, this terror attack first aid course is not about bravery, heroics and replacing the ambulance service.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to tender to those near to your vicinity and need critical care due to rapid blood loss, this course will teach you what you can do, when it is safe to do so.

major bleeding first aid training

There are two elements to this terror attack first aid course.

  1. Being prepared
  2. Not being prepared and improvising


There are very few people who carry personal first aid kits on their person and those that do are unlikely to have certain specific items that are intended for catastrophic bleeding.

We look at what the management can do to prepare for a major incident without major investment in medical equipment.

Then we focus on improvisation, using what you have around you that will go a long way to saving a life.


This IsThe Training Course for Anyone Who is Willing to be Prepared to Render First Aid After a Terror Attack.

Its OK having the first aid kit but not knowing what to do in a tragedy is a totally different matter,.

“all the gear and no idea”

major-bleeding-first-aid-coursesImagine this, a noisy club, flashing lights and a few bangs that you assume are indoor fireworks for dramatic effect. You hear a scream, a horrible shout, blood curdling yell, the sight and sound of sheer panic and carnage.

Your work mate or friend, is on their knees, blood spurting out from an arterial bleed, or lay dying in a pool of fast flowing blood – do you really know how to stop that traumatic bleeding?

It could be a cinema, sports arena, concert, street event or even a shopping centre, people around you fall on the floor, life blood pumping out, soaking away into the ground where they lay…..possibly bleeding to death. – It is only a matter of time.

It takes vital seconds for you to grasp the situation and you know your fast effective action can save his life…if you knew exactly what to do.

In all honesty, do you really know what to do in an emergency situation?

Let’s be real, even if you have done your health and safety course, your First Aid at Work – can you stop catastrophic bleeding? – even if you have a first aid kit, do you know how to use the stuff in there? because bandages and plasters are unlikely to help a severed artery without physical intervention. There is little or nothing in your first aid kit that will treat a gunshot wound.

When, or if, you did your First Aid at Work Course, did you learn how to deal with real trauma? Did the course cover catastrophic bleeding, gunshot injury?

FAW courses don’t always deal with that higher level of risk such as severe bleeding caused by a terror attack, severing a limb in a sword or machete incident, arterial bleed as a result of a knife or gun attack, or just falling through glass, hit by shards – the scenarios are endless.

This is your opportunity

We are running a training course to specifically deal with first aid after terrorist attacks
How to use what you’ve got that will stop catastrophic bleeding.

You will be taught the very same methods, of stopping the bleeding, using haemostatic dressings and a tourniquet, used by the military in battle ….and they don’t waste time!

It is a three hour course, we don’t do chalk n’ talk, no boring powerpoint presentations, we get stuck in, hands-on and deliver a very enjoyable session.

Tourniquet training. The different types of tourniquets, what they can do and what they can’t do. When to use a tourniquet and why use a tourniquet – this can be the difference between life and death.
Haemostatic agent. These should be in every first aid kit where there is a risk of severe bleeding. What is an haemostatic agent?,

Specialist bandages. Combat dressings and what they do that ordinary bandages don’t.

Train and practice now, because you will have to get it right if someone is seriously bleeding and all around you is in sheer panic, nothing making any sense!

The course is £25 per person, discounts available for groups. We have limited seats available.

We can come to you, you can invite neighbouring businesses.
To make a general enquiry please feel free to call us on the number below or use the message form to register your interest, tell us where you are and we’ll keep you updated when we have courses coming at a venue near you – or if you have a venue and need staff training, let’s talk!

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