Event Medic training course

Understanding the Principles and Practices of the Event Medic

This online course is an overview of the role of the event medic, it isn’t about first aid, it is about being professional, avoiding conflict, understand employment capacity and treatment boundaries.

It isn’t a rule book or set of commandments!

It has 16 modules, all packed with essential information, geared towards event medics of every skillset, whether you are a first aider, paramedic or doctor.


The modules are listed briefly below.

  1. Defining roles and responsibilities
    Event Medic
    Capacity employed
    Treatment boundaries
    Clinical lead
  2. Appearance and conduct
    Rights and wrongs of uniform

    Unwarranted and unauthorised markings

    Consequences of being caught on camera

    Representing the firm that pays you

    Respecting the client
    Privacy and dignity
  3. Customer relations
    Respect and discretion
    Poaching and the theft of clients
  4. Basic kit
    The grab bag
    Your kit

    Employers kit

    Advanced kit
  5. Administering painkillers
    Medical gases
  6. First Aid base
    The hub
    Treatment centre
    Ambulances on site
    Privacy and dignity
  7. Understanding venue layout
    Knowing all areas
    Reaching patients
    Main entrances and exits
    Emergency entrances and exits
  8. Dispatch protocol
    Incident notification and dispatch
  9. Radio/phone communication
    Radio protocol
    Privacy and courtesy
  10. Personal safety
    Risk Assessment
    Recognising potential personal danger
  11. Scene safety
    Dynamic risk assessment
    Aggressive bystanders and patients
  12. Scene management
    Taking control until backup arrives
  13. Reporting an incident
    Being clear and precise
  14. Defining a major incident
    Recognising a major incident
  15. Scene lockdown
    What happens when the scene is in lockdown
    Managing solo until EMS is allowed in
  16. Triage
    Mass casualty management
    Seive and sort casualties

The course will be available at the end of April 2018

The cost of the course is £30.

This is not a qualification but there is an assessment upon request for those who would like a certificate of understanding.

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