Yoga Injuries and First Aid

Yoga First Aid – so easy to get injured!

Yoga Pilates Instructors First Aid Course

Many people embark upon yoga to help heal pre-existing injuries, and to prevent everyday life activities making them worse.

Yet the biggest risk factors in yoga that can cause participants to get hurt are not those pre-existing injuries, but the students themselves.  Yes, those that often risk injury by reaching full extensions in poses, or asanas, when their own bodies are not ready for reaches to that extent, in fact, their body may never be ready for those reaches.

Pilstes instructors first aid lessons

Yoga teachers can add to the high-risk factors, not all yoga teachers but those who lack adequate training. There are a couple of reasons that cause injury, one may be where the teacher is instructing a class that is far too large for close supervision.

The other is where the yoga teacher introduces an attitude of competition or assisting the student to exceed their own ability and flexibility.

1st Aiders have introduce a yoga first aid course aimed at yoga and pilates instructors. Click here for a link.

1stAiders deliver Yoga and Pilates instructors first aid courses in accordance with BWY (British Wheel of Yoga) requirements and we come to you in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire.

Yoga instructors first aid lessons
Yoga Intructors First Aid Lessons

Whether it is one to one or with your colleagues, it can still be much cheaper than you taking time off, travel and expenses for us to come and deliver your yoga or pilates first aid course.

Ideal for those who cannot or do not wish to attend a classroom style course with many other candidates. This yoga pilates instructor first aid course provides an informal and relaxed atmosphere in your own setting.

The yoga pilates first aid instructor demonstrates each practical skill, using professional sterile medial anatomically correct manikins or training aids if necessary. The easy to follow demonstrations allows our learners to follow and practice under supervision and direction.

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