Dogsafe UK HertfordshireLevel 2 Dog First Aid Qualification

27th March 2016 at 1pm in Manningtree, Essex

Foundry Court, Colchester Road, Manningtree CO11 1EJ


LIMITED SEATScanine first aid courses

This is not your average dog first aid course

This canine first aid course is endorsed at level 2 by AoFA Qualifications, (Association of First Aiders).

An Ofqual recognised Awarding Organisation for First Aid.

The DOGSAFEUK course duration is a minimum of 4 hours with a 20 question paper. Upon successful completion attendees will receive an AoFA certificate in Canine First Aid. Valid for 3 years – official verifyable certificates are awarded by AoFA.

Herts canine first aid courses

It is an official nationally recognised dog first aid qualification.

It tells your clients that you care about their dogs and you are capable of delivering first aid in an emergency.

Once you pass the Level 2 award in canine first aid you will be registered in Qualified & Certified First Aider Register and allowed to display canine first aid coursesthis logo on your website, email and other marketing material – be proud that you are a competent canine first aider.

When you have taken the positive action in learning emergency first aid for dogs and qualifiying for this accredited award it shows your dedication and care.

Employers and clients are also aware of your professional development.


canine first aid qualificationsBecause many dog owners and dog handlers, as well as professionals including dog walkers and dog groomers need an accredited qualification in dog first aid, we are proud to be licenced to deliver the Dogsafe Level 2 canine first aid qualification..

This isn’t just about getting a certificate, this is all about being capable and confident to deal with an emergency – an incident we all hope will never happen; it could be a traffic collision or dog fight, drowning or something embedded in the dog that could result in bleeding to death, shock and cardiac arrest.

Who is this course intended for?

Dog Walkers
Dog Groomers
Police Dog handlers
Security Dog Handlers
Working Dog Owners
Agility Dog Enthusiasts
Kennel operators
Dog Rescue Centres
VeterinaryReception Staff

As well as those who need an acredited qualification in dog first aid.

Awarding Body
AoFA – Association of First Aiders

Course Duration
About four hours.
Dog First Aid Training is delivered in a class room environment for around four hours with comfort breaks and refreshments. Tea, coffee, soft drinks and biscuits are available throughout the course,

Programme Structure
The Dog First Aid Course is a combination of Power Point presentaion, discussion and practical hands-on tasks.cnine first aid courses st.albans
Wounds and bleeding
Penetrating objects
Eye Injury
Bone, joint injuries
Muzzle and restrain

Prior Learning Requirements

No prior learning is required to achieve thie Level 2 Canine First Aid qualificationmilton keynes first aid course


Assessment of the dog first aid course will be conducted on an ongoing basis throughout the event.

Course assessment by completion of a 20 question (multi choice) examination.


Certification is issued to the learner via The Association of First Aiders within 30 days of successful assessment.

Course is after lunch but biscuits will be available.

Strictly no smoking inside the building, depending on venue there may be designated smoking areas during breaks.
No smoking vapour inhalators in the classroom.


Cost is £65.00 per person
If you have any questions about this course, please send an email to and ensure you mention the Level2 Canine First Aid Course or call us on 01727 825 999.


Dogs first aid training lessons

This is our professional veterinary training maniquin. We have plenty to cover the class, They are the same size as a medium dog, it has a pulse so you can learn where and how to feel for the rhythm and depth of pulse – experience the timing of the heart beat.

It has lungs so that you can give ‘rescue breaths’ ….mouth to snout.

The tongue allows you to move it, inspect inside the mouth and check the gums, all part of the general health assessment taught in the course

It is the next best thing to real CPR, experiencing the action of carrying out chest compressions.
We have realistic training aids that represent some quite nasty injuries to a dog. We train our attendees to prepare for the vet, not to replace them.

The canine first aider may need to muzzle and restrain the dog to protect themselve from being bitten. Even the nicest and most pleasant, gentle dog can snap, bite or attack when injured.

Even approaching the dog in a non-threatening manner is crucial.

flatley-blanketCalming and treating the dog to reduce the pain and discomfort is a major part ofremoving embedded items from a dog our canine first aid course.

Learning to dress the wound, stop bleeding and transport the dog is another part of the course.

If you care for one or more dogs. it is your duty and responsibililty to ensure you and your staff are fully trained, awarded an accredited qualificiation, not a cheap basic lesson.

Our four hour Level 2 canine first aid course is fun, friendly and geared towards using the training aids to ensure you are confident and build skills in first aid in any dog..

Payment can be made securely online via PayPal, or if you with to receive an invoice an transfer funds via your bank, please email us on – or call us on 01727 825 999.




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