medical gases online training course

Medical gases online training course penthroxPenthrox

Understand and learn about Penthrox, the latest medical gas to be approved and released in the UK.

This is not a replacement for Entonox but an alternative in many medical cases.

Whilst it has restrictions for use in the UK due to licensing and review, it has many advantages as a medical gas.

Penthrox® is also known as ‘The Green Whistle’ and is geared towards transforming the management of emergency pain relief and has helped emergency healthcare professionals treat patients quickly and effectively since the 1960s in Australia and New Zealand.

The innovative pocket-sized inhaler delivers an analgesic medicine quickly to accident victims and trauma patients. Penthrox contains methoxyflurane, a pain relieving medicine, which is delivered via the small, handheld inhaler to provide fast, effective pain relief within 6 – 10 breaths.

The new JRCALC guidelines now recommend the use of Penthrox for emergency pain relief in the UK. – this is not a competency course like our classroom version but it is certificated as understanding the use of …

We are licensed, qualified and approved Penthrox trainers.


Entonox online training course

Entonox has been the standard analgesic agent in gas form for many years, until the arrival of Penthrox.

Both gases have their place, suitabilities and restrictions.

In this online course you will learn how to manage and deliver Entonox.

We look at what Entonox is, how it works, indications and contraindications.

Setting up the cylinder and taking down. Understanding the giving set.

Who can be given Entonox and what for

Measuring the adminstration – when to stop.

Special considerations such as head trauma, abdominal injuries and mental health

Storage and maintenance

This is not a competency course like our classroom version but it is certificated as understanding the use of …


Medical gases online training course OxygenThis covers understanding oxygen in the body.

Spo2 measurerments.

Administering o2 and titrating to meet BTS guidelines.

It focuses on the types of delivery, masks, airways adjuncts, BVM – much more than simply putting a mask on the patient and waiting for crew to arrive.

We look at CPOD and how oxygen therapy can help or hinder.

The the Medical Gases online course is very comprehensive and provides a certificate award in the understanding of medical gases, it cannot replace a classrooom-based course in competency.

It isabout gaing an undestanding and knowledge in Medical Gases.

You can study in your own time, there is no expiration period.

Study at your own pace

Once you have absorbedand digest the course materia, simply ask for the question sheets.

All we ask it that you study for a minimum of seven days before asking for the questions.

The question sheet is multiple choice answers

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